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Meet the team

Meet the team


Norovirus vs disinfectants and sanitizers: studies published

A recent Université Laval report has published details of its study into the effectiveness of commercially-available disinfectants against Norovirus. For full story, click here.

Meanwhile, soap and water has been found to be no less effective in combating Norovirus than some alcohol sanitizers, according to a study by Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia.


Pop goes the weevil

A recent recall of microwave popcorn was carried out due to a risk of weevil infestation, reports Metro.co.uk.


Children warned that kissing frogs brings illness, not handsome prince

More than 50 children in the US became ill with Salmonella after kissing frogs and turtles, apparently copying the actions of the heroine of a popular animated movie, reports the Daily Express.


SandwichSandwiches recalled due to slug pellet contamination

A UK supermarket retailer withdrew four types of its sandwiches because of the risk of lettuce contained in them being contaminated by slug pellets. For further details, please see the FSA website.


Japan: suspect arrested over dumpling-poisoning incident

AP-Food Technology.com reports that a suspect has been apprehended over the tainting of Japanese frozen dumplings with insecticide in 2007 and 2008. For full story, click here.


Disease risk from eating reptile meat

A study has demonstrated the risk of illness caused by eating the meat of turtles, lizards, crocodiles, snakes and other reptiles, reports Science Daily.


Bacillus cereus found in some Bavarian ice creams

A 2008 study tested over 800 independent and international commercial ice creams sold in Bavara for Bacillus cereus – further details at the IngentaConnect website.


US hazelnuts recalled due to Salmonella risk

For full story see Barfblog.


cochroachCockroach-infested Manchester restaurant receives huge fine

Citing several food safety breaches - including cockroaches found living in a rice steamer - Manchester Magistrates Court fined a Chinese restaurant £70,000, reports the Manchester Evening News.


Sickness at sea for Norovirus-struck holidaymakers

A 23-night cruise holiday in the Mediterranean had to be cut short after the ship's unfortunate passengers suffered several incidents of Norovirus, reports Barfblog.


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